Music is my other passion. I formed my first band in 6th grade playing guitar and drums. In high school we formed “The Dog’s Breakfast” who’s songs are now on Spotify, Apple Music, etc.

I currently drum and manage The George Nelson Band and sometimes play with The Fists of the Proletariat.


George Nelson Band

George is an icon. He’s been pounding the keys and singing for half a century and I’ve been lucky to play with him for more than a decade. You can catch us every Thursday in Boulder at License No.1.


George Nelson Album Preview

George Nelson Band Calendar

Fists of the Proletariat Calendar

The Dog’s Breakfast

We could have been famous.

In high-school and college we played piss-takes and bad rock-n-roll. Judge for yourself on Spotify, Apple Music, and wherever bad music is sold.


Tasteful Nudes

They call me Dad Drummer. They call me when they need a solid groove.

FINAL album cover (Medium)